Blessed Births

Becky Stevens CD(DONA)

Billings/Laurel, MT

A few words about me...

18 years ago I began my work as a birth doula with DONA International.  After taking a break while I raised my 5  children, I am happy to be re-certified! I love being a birth doula and I would love to hear from you!

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What people are saying:

"Becky was the best doula I have ever had. I have had 4 children and used a different doula each time. I love each doula I have worked with but Becky was the best. My birth experience was amazing, she made sure all my needs were met and also made sure that my husband was doing well. We had several meetings before and she was always available via email or text. If you are even just thinking about hiring a doula I highly recommend scheduling a meeting with her. She will answer any questions you will have about what a doula is and if she is the right fit for you and your family. "      -Jamille

"Becky brings such a calming presence to any situation. So when I was pregnant with my first son, it wasn't even a question that I NEEDED her to be with me when the time came to give birth. I do feel bad because she was awake with me for the whole 24 hrs of labor. But even still, she was attentive and there for me every minute of the way. " -Amber

Becky was an amazing support during the birth of my daughter. She knew just what we needed before we needed it! Her compassion and care made all the difference in welcoming our baby into the world ❤️ -Terri

Becky was with me for my first birth and she was an amazing support. She was almost 9 months pregnant herself, and still made sure that she was available when I needed her. She was a fierce advocate for me and my baby and I believe that her counsel kept me from unnecessary interventions. I would highly recommend Becky's services. She is truly a gem.  - Sarah


Billings/Laurel, MT




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